Frequently Asked Questions

Why JavaScript Ads?

In case you didnít notice it yourself yet, people have developed ad blindness on classical web ad formats and those ads are getting less and less efficient each day. Thatís where JavaScript Ads comes in. We provide a refreshing, sometimes even shocking way to show ads."WOW, where did this come from?" (We love this reaction)

What is is an ad-exchange invite only multi-tier network. Members need to insert a simple line of JavaScript code onto their web page. That will trigger the selected JavaScript ad to be shown to any visitor visiting their site (the way they are shown depends on the script selected and the way it is configured).

Each time an ad is successfully shown on a page, the member who owns that page earns one credit. Those credits are redeemed automatically as that memberís own ads are shown on other people's sites (on the category and language previously set).

To provide exponential growth, offers a multi-tier affiliate network that is 10 level deep, which means that if you invite someone to JavaScript Ads, and they invite some else, and so on (10 levels deep), everyone in that network will be your affiliate.

Any time one of your affiliate gets an ad shown on his web page, you earn one extra credit.

To make it more trustworthy we made it invite only. So, if any member is not behaving, WE KNOW who invited him and he WILL be held responsible, so think twice before inviting strangers. Sure, your pyramid will grow, but are you ready to pay the price? I know, thereís no profit without risk, so itís your call!

Is there any money involved?

No. No money to receive, no money to send. Paypal? Whatís Paypal?

Keep in mind though, that traffic = money on the Internet. And our middle name is traffic.

Can Javascript Ads overcome ad and pop-up blockers?

Yes, we can! Our scripts are proprietary so it wonít match regular ad blockers filters. If, no not if, when. When our size become so big so that we start to appear under ad blockerís spotlight, we simple change the code in no time. (Members donít need to change anything on their side)

Will new scripts be released?

Yes, we will be constantly doing research and will be regularly making new scripts available to our members. However, itís not easy to create new scripts that are both innovative and disruptive while at the same time compatible with all browsers.

Do JavaScript Ads have compatibly issues?

Yes, mainly on those users that have JavaScript disabled. But those are getting fewer and fewer each day as most popular websites would fail to work. Do you have JavaScript disabled?

On the browser side, it depends on the script that will be run, but approximately 90% of our scripts are compatible with 90% of all browsers, so youíre most likely covered.

Itís important to note that your credit will not be redeemed if the ad is not shown.

What is the invitation code?

Its the only way to get in. Your invitation code is yours only and when a friend of your uses it to sign up, you'll get a new code and your friend will automatically be your affiliate. And the magic is that the friends of your friend will be your affiliates also.

How to hack JavaScriptAds?

Have we gone gaga? No, this is just to avoid you losing your time:

Use auto refresh/reload to inflate your credits: we log all IPs and detect behavior patterns. You will get a warning the first time and a significant amount of your credits will be kissed good bye. On the next run, you will get a fancy BAN. And all the people you invited will suffer also, but I am sure youíll find a funny way to explain that to your friends.

Use a hidden iframe: Be our guest as, we have code to jump out of any iframe.

XSS/ CSRF/SQL injections: We have already sanitized everything that goes in.

Use a proxy: yes, we detect who is using proxies and who is not. But hey, is there still any good proxy that lasts for more than a couple of hours?

What do you mean by ďeasy to install, set and forgetĒ?

Simple answer: KISS.

Indeed we like to keep things simple. The signup process, after you receive an invitation, typically takes 30 seconds to complete! Next, you can set up your options, in an easy way, in less than a minute! Then invite some of your friends and forget about it.